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Authorized Bullfrog Spas Dealer In Powers

You may be asking yourself right now, “Why would Quality Water Specialists get into hot tubs?”The answer is simple - because it comes naturally!!! Many of the water treatment techniques that we already use to provide U.P. residents with pure, clean water from their tap, also apply to the water they relax & play in. We have the technology and expertise; we are just adding some fun! We see an opportunity to provide a product that will allow you to enjoy water in ways that will create memories for years to come. With non or low-chlorine options that enhance safety and enjoyment and minimize maintenance time, skin & eye irritation, and chemical costs. We can’t wait to show you the Bullfrog Difference!

While all of the hot tubs we carry are surely spectacular, we believe that to see is to believe. This is why we are listing down the readily available hot tubs that are in the dealership. Stop by our showroom to see for yourself!

Spa Chemicals and Services

Since you're already getting the best spa, why not go all out by availing of our chemicals? We partner with brands that make meticulously crafted chemicals to ensure the perfect balance for crystal-clear water. Not only do these chemicals enhance your experience, but they also safeguard your spa equipment, ensuring longevity and optimal performance. And speaking of optimal performance, our expert service can guarantee that! Let our skilled technicians handle the maintenance of your spa, making sure it runs flawlessly all year round.

At Quality Water Specialists, we are committed to delivering, not just products and services, but an entire wellness experience. Rediscover the joy of relaxation with our premium spa chemicals and services. Your journey to ultimate serenity begins here!

Quality Water Specialists

Since 1984, Quality Water Specialists have serviced the southern, central Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin. Our family business has provided professional water treatment systems, services, and products that enhance quality of life. We offer, with no obligation, free, professional water testing, and recommendations on water treatment and air filtration equipment. From well water to municipal water, both residential and commercial, we can design a system to meet and exceed your expectations. We offer drinking water systems, reverse osmosis, and air purification systems. We also have a certified water operator license in Michigan and Wisconsin